Result-Based Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment System!

Your ideal Custom Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment Web Application.



Overview of Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation System

  • Results-based monitoring and evaluation measures how well governments, NGO's and all agencies delivering projects in various capacities are performing
  • Results-based monitoring and evaluation is a management tool!
  • Results-based monitoring and evaluation emphasizes assessing how outcomes are being achieved over time

Core Features

Client / Server Based

  • Dashboard with charts and quick project details
  • Unlimited custom reports and charts
  • HTML editor for formatting data
  • Online and offline hosting on local WAMP or MAMP server. However, this requires that the offline server must have internet connection at all times
  • Can be hosted within your current domain name using a sub-domain, e.g. http://www.rbme.yourdomain.org .
  • Can be hosted under a unique domain name http://www.yourdomain.org
  • User Access Level (UAL) for each user. 4 user groups each with different access level. User groups include:
    • Super Administrator - Highest level with access to all pages. Approves all new accounts created and assigns user access levels and privileges.
    • Administrator – Little lower than Super Administrator with all access except that of the super administrator
    • Guest – This is a shared group with limited access to only view and post comments. No need to create a guest account
    • Operator – Can view all pages except that of the super administrator and administrator

  • Access level for each Project Officer. Though a project Officer can view all projects like every other visitor, they can only manage (add, update, delete or modify) their projects.
  • Print reports based on specific criteria’s including date range.
  • Secure password
  • Encrypted pages to avoid code hijacking
  • Upload project documents which may include MoUs, agreements, contract documents and pictures
  • Free updates if hosted and supported by NetDataflow under an annual subscription plan. Free Support is not included in offline hosting; i.e. hosting within your company local host or server.
  • Capture User Log-in and Log-out dates and times
  • And lots more to be added…

Other features include

Initial Project Data Capture
  • Project ID
  • Project  Code
  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Milestones
  • Document Management
  • Task
  • Team Messages
  • Project Officers Private Notes
  • Detailed Reports
  • Date project was entered
  • Project Community
  • Project LGA
  • Project State
  • Project Status
  • Project Cost
  • Project Type – New or an existing infrastructure
  • Project Baseline
  • Project Outcome
  • Adult men beneficiaries
  • Adult female beneficiaries
  • Total number of children beneficiaries
  • Total number of beneficiaries
  • Project Team Lead
  • Project Deputy Team Lead
  • Project Officer
  • Project Liaison Officer
  • First Project Meeting
  • Second Project Meeting
  • Third Project Meeting
  • Date MoU was Signed
  • Project State Date
  • Project End Date

  • Project Monitoring
  • Project Code
  • Project ID
  • Project Name
  • Community
  • LGA
  • State
  • Stage
  • Data gathering method
  • Monitoring activity
  • Indicators
  • Outputs
  • Outcome
  • Observations
  • Lessons learned

  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Code
  • Project ID
  • Project Name
  • Community
  • LGA
  • State
  • Stage
  • Data Gathering Method
  • Evaluation Activity
  • Indicators
  • Outputs
  • Outcome
  • Observations
  • Lessons
  • Quality Assurance

  • Funding Details

    Sponsor Details
  • Project  Funding Source
  • Amount

  • Sponsors Name
  • Sponsorship Amount
  • Sponsors Percentage
  • Project Team Members  
  • Full Name and title of project team members
  • Designation


  • The application is hosted online and used via a web browser.
  • The system can also be hosted on the local intranet within the organisation. In this case an internet is not required except if connectivity with the online version is required
  • We strongly recommend hosting on a Linux Server
  • The server environment must be running PHP and MySQL
  • Allowing us to host your application in our hosting server will help us offer you better support services


    Although RBME is designed to meet a wide range of monitoring and evaluation services, there are a number of customizations that will need to be made each time it is set up for a new organization. Some of these include:

  • Project Scope – these include the areas of focus during monitoring and evaluation and often vary from one organization to another. As a result, we may need to add some fields to capture the data's and/or remove some existing ones that are not needed.
  • Regions and Chapters/Branches – again these are specific to each organization depending on the nature of the operation and the areas being focused on.
  • Reports – these need to be tweaked to the organizations needs and can sometimes be altered on an annual basis.

    Live Demo

    You can evaluate Result-Based Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment System before buying by login in with the following details:


    Username: Admin0
    Password: ariel30

    Live Demo URL: http://netdataflow.com/rbme/


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